Workshop Dates


September 23-24  2023 ONLINE live Workshop, english language

both days from  2 pm to 9:30pm   Berlin time (CEST)  (break 2 hours)

(EDT 8 am; MDDT 6am)


a few items need to be prepared, as well as 2 Scar-model clients in your practice, one for each afternoon of the seminar

workshop via zoom, you need a stable and strong internet connection

fee: 280 €


maximum  10 participants

requirement: minimum of 1 year hands on experience in a body therapeutic method.



 May 23-26 Bratislava,  English language


If you are interested to participate, please contact Marco Klockner,

Instructor: Andrea Clusen


Participants need to have experience with hands on bodywork for at least 1 year. 

Septiembre 12.- 152024 - Buenos Aires

Septiembre 19. -22. 2024 - más información en breve


English language, translation to Spanish